Gym & Life-strength isotonic machines, benches and multifunction fitness equipment "is multifunctional benches, rehabilitation equipment, dumbbells, sports center, gym equipment

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The traditional isotonic line: top production quality and a wide range of machines for any needs.
Regulations and homologations
The machines are CE homologated and comply with the following regulations:

  • UNI EN 957-I General requirements for fixed training equipment;
  • UNI EN 957-2 Resistance training machines;
  • UNI EN 957-4 Resistance training benches;
  • Directive concerning machines, noise and workplace safety

CE homologation on all isotonic machines
Accident preventing symbols highlighting dangerous points for the user
Knobs with
YES adjusting system
YES counterweight selection devices
YES barbells blocking devices
Accident preventing protecting devices given with the equipment


  • Technical sheets with suggestions for carrying out the exercise, in four languages
  • YES combined adjusting knobs
  • Sliding systems with graduated scales
  • Easy adjustment of seats with graduated air device

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