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Pro Stylus

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Pro Stylus - P674


Elegant for passion
Charming and elegant design together with high performance in your living room, just like in a gym club.In a limited space, multifunction Pro Stylus bench allows you to carry out 16 different exercises to tone up and develop the muscles of your whole body and to improve your flexibility and posture.Easy to use, Pro Stylus allows you to carry out safe exercises and to progressively increase the load according to your training level. Pro Stylus is the perfect exerciser for anyone who prefers to use loose weights. Stylus Rack is the ideal and comfortable element for putting back disks, which completes multifunction bench.

  • Possibility of isolating some bundles of muscles for a targeted development
  • Progressive suitability to your training level
  • Safe training also with relevant loads
  • Limited overall dimensions for exercises with wide and not compressed movements
  • Elegant and pleasant appearance

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