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Stylus Rack

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Stylus Rack - P605

Comfortableness of discretion
An essential design for the comfortable disks supporting element dedicated to free exercises.Stylus Rack can be provided with a couple of loadable barbells, whose housing is positioned on the base. You will have the possibility of choosing the weight you utilising the two barbells, it is possible to carry out many exercises aimed at developing the muscles of the upper part of your body, arms and shoulders.Stylus Rack is the ideal completing element of Pro Stylus, which allows to have loading disks within reach for your training.

  • Easy to use
  • Versatile and suitable for your progressive training level
  • Limited and discrete overall dimensions

Preparation Kit (not given with the equipment):
P605K1: Ideal for the use of loadable barbells

  • 1 Couple of loadable barbells diam. 25mm, kg 1 kg each
  • Disks: 8x5kg, 4x2kg, 4x1kg, 4x 0,5kg

P605K2: Ideal to be coupled to Pro-Stylus

  • 1 Couple of loadable barbells diam. 25mm, kg 1 kg each
  • Disks: 2x10 kg, 8x 5kg, 6x2kg, 4x1kg, 4x 0,5kg

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